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Finest Results

BFIL believes that access to basic financial services can significantly augment economic opportunities for poor families and in turn help improve their lives. BFIL is committed to creating a distribution network across underserved sections of society in order to provide easy access to the full portfolio of microfinance products and services. It also looks at using this network to add value to the lives of its members by providing quality goods and services that our members need at less than market rates.


BFIL delivers microfinance through a joint group liability model. The villages are selected on the basis of a thorough survey and consequently sangam meetings and group recognition tests conducted by BFIL.


By entering into strategic partnerships with IT majors, BFIL tries to automate processes through innovative technology. At Bharat Financial Inclusion Limited, technology has been recognised as a key driver in saving costs, time and ensuring data accuracy.


We at BFIL believe our members have a voice. Being committed to our members, we want to listen, understand and act on what they say. While our Sangam Manager meets our members and interacts with them every week, BFIL routinely checks and tracks its service quality through various initiatives focused on capturing the thoughts and needs of our members.

Our Journey