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The poor have no access to financial services that they need. This financial exclusion leads to the creation of a society where the poor lack opportunity. They pay a premium of products and services due to this. BFIL aims to bridge this gap and bring the complete range of financial services to the doorsteps of its members. It also aims at adding value by using its network to distribute quality products and services that its members need.

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In the last year alone, Bharat Financial Inclusion Limited grew nearly 170 % in terms of loan disbursements, while maintaining a 99% on-time repayment rate. It is one of the fastest-growing microfinance organisations in the world.


We work hard to bring value to our clients. Today they are highly diverse and come from varied backgrounds, cultures and regions. The stories and case studies in this section give a glimpse into how Bharat Financial Inclusion Limited supports people to improve their lives.

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